Reviews and Recommendations from Clients of Beloved Earth!

Becoming Fearless


It wasn't until I met David that I was able to truly tap into the things I had experienced my whole life. I always knew there was something bigger going on inside of me, but I was never able to grasp it until I began working with him. He helped me hone into the power of calling forth my guardian angels to protect and guide me. He has guided me harmoniously in communicating with loved ones that have gone to the next life and I have experienced them communicating with me mysteriously day after day. He has helped me to let go of fear about past, present, and future by stepping into my own power and trusting that I am being guided, led, and protected. There have been moments of sheer terror on my journey, because if I believe in angels, I have to also believe in demons, I have felt immense and instantaneous relief after his shamanic cleansing, and at times an immediate release of the darkness that was holding onto me. I trust his readings, 

I trust in him, and I trust in his work and his purpose.




Yoga Instructor

A Life Changing Experience


David shook me from the moment I met him. I met him at a conference I was attending and there was something about him that drew me to him. Within seconds he confirmed and fleshed out what I already knew from other sources, like a puzzle piece. It was jaw dropping, considering he didn't even know my first name at at the time. Since that moment I knew he was one of the most powerful psychics I have ever met, and this is coming from someone who also gets extremely clear and precise messages from the Divine (as in exactly how they should be stated, word for word, as opposed to editing it with my mind first to make sense of things). 


Professional Psychic/Life Coach

Embracing my power


I cannot express enough my humble gratitude towards David, and how the Universe connected us. David's psychic gift and his ability to connect to me through spirit has really raised both my conscious awareness, as well as helped me work through some of life's greatest tribulations. His psychic visions and words have always been on point. Personal things I never shared prior, showed up in my initial reading with him, which led to providing both future events in detail, as well as guidance and advice on how to handle the upcoming situations. I have learned to take my manifestation and meditation to a deeper level through his readings and advice, that are creating possibilities unimaginable. He has been an honest gentleman, never taking advantage of his psychic abilities. I am forever grateful, and consider David a confidant and a source of light. Thank you, David for entering my life ad reminding me of my power and magic!


Part 1 Manifest with The Poet


After David put me onto his money manifestation, I found myself getting a raise, a promotion, and ANOTHER raise in the span of a month and a half. Now, just another six weeks later, I'm applying for ANOTHER promotion that promises ANOTHER raise!

With David, whether you're getting a reading, guidance with manifestation, psychic protection, or dealing with the paranormal, you don't get snake oil or a bunch of vague bullshit--you get SPECIFIC DIRECTION and you get RESULTS.

What are you waiting for? Empower yourself. David can help. Beloved Earth has got the solution.

Part 2 Manifest with the Poet


David Vidato is the greatest! 100% the real deal. I work in a book store that gets a lot of traffic in the Metaphysics section. I recommend David to everyone! 

Someone needs a tarot reading? I've got a guy for that.

Need someone trustworthy and safe to perform Reiki? I got you.

Ready to take the next step in your psychic journey? David's the man!

My man is a third generation psychic medium, a shaman, a Buddhist warrior and is schooled in the light and dark sides of magick. A multidisciplinarian, David knows more practices than you would know to ask for. You could stop at five or six different places--or just one!

Why go anywhere else? The real deal is right in front of you. You can't go wrong with Beloved Earth and you can't go wrong with David Vidato



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