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  • Empowering Guidance using Traditional and Intuitive Tarot Spreads!


  • Safe Communication with Ancestors, Angels & Spirit Guides


  • Cleansing w/Medicine Drums, Singing Bowls, Rattles and Vocal Tones!


  • Personal/Group Instruction in the ancient Martial Art from China!

    1:1 & Group Rates

  • Multiple modalities available to assist your personal healing needs!


  • Personal/Group Instruction in this Shaolin Kung Fu System!

    1:1 & Group Rates

  • Traditional Usui Shiki Reiki, Intuitive Reiki & Cleansing w/Crystals!


  • Ancient healing arts from China practiced in stillness & w/movement!

    1:1 & Group Rates

  • Facilitated journeys within to connect w/mind, body and spirit!

    1:1 & Group Rates

  • Personalized spells and ceremonies to fit your magickal needs!

    1:1 & Group Rates


What David Vidato brings to the table:

1. His articulate presence is naturally charismatic, potent and commanding.

2. His dynamic backstory and how he came to be a professional psychic medium is fascinating.

3. He stands up for important issues and uses his growing platform to advocate for equality and justice.

4.He is the REAL DEAL. His power is unlike anything I have encountered as a spiritual worker myself. The way he shows up and helps his clients is real. The way he can use his spiritual tools is real. His connection to the Divine is real, and it shows.


Choose Psychic Medium David Vidato!

He will not disappoint!!!



Professional Tarot Reader & Spiritual Advisor 


Psychic Medium

David Vidato

Tel: (405) 204-9560


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